Did you know: Amazing food facts part 3

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We are back with Did you know series. Did you know Popsicle invented by an 11-year-old.Yes get some another intersting facts in our today post with sources.May all you will enjoy it.So let’s start 🙂


An 11-year-old invented the Popsicle by accident.

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Even though some details of the origin story have been debated, according to NPR,Back in 1905, a San Francisco Bay Area kid by the name of Frank Epperson accidentally invented the summertime treat. He had mixed some sugary soda powder with water and left it out overnight. It was a cold night, and the mixture froze. In the morning, Epperson devoured the icy concoction, licking it off the wooden stirrer. He declared it an Epsicle.When he got older, Epperson’s children began calling his creation “Pop’s ‘Sicle,” or “Popsicle.”

Source: NPR


Farm-raised salmon is naturally white and then dyed pink.

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Without the chemical in their feed, the farm-raised salmon would naturally be white — not an appealing look to customers seeking the classically reddish-pink fish, which is the second most popular seafood item in the U.S. And Read is not alone. Most fish farmers add pigmenting compounds to the food they give their salmon, so that the fish achieve the same deep pink color that wild salmon get naturally from the crustaceans and other food in their environment.

Source: Time

Apple Pie

Apple pie is not American. 🙁

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“As American as apple pie” isn’t actually very American. Pie was invented in Medieval England, Americans had made the apple truly their own. But the apple pie isn’t a uniquely American dish either, Upton writes. “In fact, the first recorded recipe for apple pie was written in 1381 in England, and called for figs, raisins, pears, and saffron in addition to apples,” she writes. 

Source: Smithsonion Magazine


Potatoes can absorb and reflect Wi-fi signals.

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When Boeing wanted to test out its wireless signal on new planes in 2012, they placed giant piles of potatoes on seats. Because of their high water content and chemical makeup, potatoes absorb and reflect radio and wireless signals just like humans do.

Source: USA Today


The red food dye used in Skittles is made from boiled beetles.

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Carmine, also known as carminic acid, is a common red food dye that can be found in Skittles, maraschino cherries, raspberry and strawberry-flavored junk food, and even lipstick.

Carminic acid also happens to be made from the crushed carcasses of a beetle known as the Dactylopius coccus.

Sources: Wired, Hmns Blog

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