Did you know: Amazing food facts part 4

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We are back with Did you know series. Did you know The Aztecs used chocolate as currency.Yes get some another intersting facts in our today post with sources.May all you will enjoy it.So let’s start πŸ˜€

Raw Oysters

Raw oysters are still alive when you eat them.

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Raw Oyster

Chances are, uncooked oysters are nonetheless alive when you devour them. Oysters deteriorate so quickly that cooks have to serve them very rapidly β€” whilst they’re nonetheless alive, basically. Some types of the shellfish can continue to exist out of the water for up to two weeks, which is why oysters are saved underneath specifically regulated conditions. Once they die, they are no longer secure to eat.

So yes: If you have a high-quality plate of sparkling oysters, you are possibly chewing on them whilst they are nevertheless alive. Luckily, oysters do not have central frightened systems, so they cannot sense pain.


Every banana you eat is a clone.

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Even even though there are 1,000 types of bananas all over the world, the frequent yellow fruits you see in the grocery store are all genetic clones of the Cavendish variety. The Cavendish was once mass-produced, in accordance to the Economist, due to the fact it does now not have seeds β€” a acceptable trait for customers β€” and it survives longer than its banana cousins.Β 

Since the Cavendish does now not have any seeds, it have to be cloned by using farmers in order to proceed production. Recently, agricultural scientists have been involved that the lack of genetic variety may want to quickly go away the banana susceptible to threats and extinction.

Bananas are technically berries

In fact, bananas are technically berries β€”Β and strawberries are not.

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Confused yet?

Bananas β€” alongside with cucumbers and kiwis β€” are classed as berries, whereas strawberries, blackberries and raspberries are not.

To be regarded a berry in the botanical sense, the fruit need to come from one flower with one ovary and commonly have various seeds, Stanford Magazine explains. Raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries do not count number due to the fact they come from a single flower with greater than one ovary.


Before being domesticated, chickens only produced about a dozen eggs a year. Now they can produce hundreds.

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The most prolific egg-laying chicken was once in Missouri in 1979. The chicken laid 371 eggs in one year, in accordance to Guinness World Records.


The Aztecs used chocolate as currency.

The Aztecs might also be recognized for their love of chocolate, however in accordance to the International Cocoa Organization, they additionally used cocoa beans as currency. People beneath Aztec rule ought to use cocoa to pay their taxes.

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