Did you know:Amazing food facts part 5

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I am back, with some more amazing food facts.If you are coming first time, then I need to tell you that we have started Did you know series.In which we post some interesting food facts.So let’s start today’s amazing food facts 🥳


Honey will never ever go bad.

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Honey will never ever go bad.

Honey in its herbal kingdom is very low in moisture and very acidic: two principal defenses in opposition to meals spoilage. In a low-moisture and high-acid surroundings like a sealed jar, bacteria will die nearly immediately, in accordance to the Honey and Pollination Center at the Robert Mondavi Institute at University of California.

This could explain why archaeologists have found pots of honey from thousands of years ago that still looked fresh. 

Source: National Geographic


Carrots were originally purple

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Carrots were originally purple

According to the National Carrot Museum in the UK, the first carrots seemed nothing like they do today.

Originally these veggies had been pink or white with a skinny root. The orange carrots we understand and devour nowadays are really the end result of a genetic mutation in the late sixteenth century that received out over the authentic color.

Source: Carrot Museum


Most wasabi is actually just dyed horseradish.

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Most wasabi is actually just dyed horseradish.

If you have a addiction of smearing spicy wasabi all over your California roll, simply comprehend that you are — in all probability — simply consuming dyed horseradish. About 99% of all wasabi offered in the United States is fake, and you’ll have to go to a very high-end sushi restaurant in Japan to discover the real stuff.

Source: Insider


People once thought tomatoes were poisonous.

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People once thought tomatoes were poisonous.

In 18th century Europe, the tomato used to be nicknamed “the poison apple,” due to the fact aristocrats would generally get ill and die after consuming them. Little did they recognize that the rationalization had to do with their desire of tableware, not the tomatoes.

Source: Smithsonianmag



Grapes will explode if you put them in the microwave.

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Here’s a fun (and dangerous) science experiment: If you split a grape almost in half and put it in the microwave, it will create an explosive fireball of plasma and lighting.


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