Did you know: Fast Food Facts Part 2

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From today we are starting our new Did you know series, for Fast Food Facts. If you are not aware about the previous fact, try following👇

Fast food facts Part-1
  • Cinnabon Bakes Empty Cookie Sheets to Entice Customers
Cinnabon baking tray

Wafting through many malls is the familiar smell of Cinnabon’s buns. To keep you coming towards that seductive scent, the cinnamon bun maker bakes empty cookie trays coated in their signature sugar and cinnamon mixture. (Source)

  • Soda Fountains Sometimes Contain Fecal Matter
photo of a woman eating on mcdonald s
Photo by Daria Sannikova on Pexels.com

A 2010 study found that 48 percent of soda fountains at fast-food restaurants contain coliform bacteria, commonly found in feces. Microbiologists from Hollins University don’t know how it gets there but suspect it may come from dirty cleaning rags or unwashed customer hands. (Source)

  • Taco Bell was Sued for Calling Their Taco Filling ‘Meat’
cooked food on stainless steel tray
Photo by Hana Brannigan on Pexels.com

In 2011, a law firm in Alabama sued Taco Bell, saying the chain’s taco filling couldn’t be called beef since it contained more oats, seasoning, and fillers than meat. Taco Bell fought back against the charges, along with slightly changed the wording of their advertising, and the case was dropped. (Source)

  • KFC’s Secret Recipe is Super Top Secret
fried food in brown carton
Photo by Mariana Silvestre on Pexels.com

KFC ads are not exaggerating when claiming the 11 herbs and spices used to season their chicken are a secret. There are two separate plants that create half of the mixture, and then a computer does the mixing, ensuring that no single location has the full recipe. (Source)

  • Subway’s Bread Used to Contain a Chemical Also Found in Yoga Mats

Until 2014, Subway’s bread contained azodicarbonamide, a chemical that can be found in yoga mats. The chain signed a pledge to discontinue its usage after food blogger, Food Babe, got 78,000 signatures on a petition demanding they remove the chemical from their food. (Source)

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