Did you know: Fast Food Facts Part 8

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As you know that we have started our new Did you know series, for Fast Food Facts. If you are not aware of the previous fact, check following👇

Did you know: Fast Food Facts Part 7
  • When it Rains, it’s Time to Get a Free Sub
Courtesy Subway Facebook

It may not rain much in the desert climate of southern California, but did you know that when it does any Subway will award you with a free six-inch sub or hot soup when you purchase a foot-long sub and a 32-ounce drink? It’s dubbed the “Rainy Day Special.” (Source)

  • Would You Like a Baked Potato with That?
Courtesy Wendy’s Facebook

There is only one major fast food chain in the United States that sells baked potatoes, Wendy’s. Because they are the only player in the game, the popular chain sells one million baked potatoes per week, on average. (Source)

  • Couples Say I Do-Nut
adult bride celebration ceremony
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In 2004, Dunkin Donuts ran a contest in the tristate area that gave couples the chance to win an all expenses paid wedding, at a Dunkin’ Donut location. The two winning couples submitted their romantic proposal stories to win, though neither proposal happened in a Dunkin Donuts. (Source)

  • Pumpkin Spice French Fries in Japan

For Halloween in 2016, McDonald’s released an odd and delicious-looking dish: French fries covered in chocolate and pumpkin flavoring. Sadly, it was only available to customers in Japan. (Source)

  • McDonald’s Has Had Some Strangely Awesome Promotional Ideas

In 1988, McDonald’s gave customers a chance to win one million dollars by finding a vinyl record attached to a coupon where singers sang an original song about McDonald’s food all the way through without making a mistake. Many copies of the record were made, but the chorus intentionally failed to make it through the entire song withing messing up—except for one record, who would have been the million dollar winner. (Source)

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