Did you know: Fast Food Facts Part 9

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As you know that we have started our new Did you know series, for Fast Food Facts. If you are not aware of the previous fact, check following👇

Did you know: Fast Food Facts Part 8
  • The Founder of Subway Got His Start at Seventeen
subway founder fred deluca
Subway / CC BY

Think back to what you were up to as a 17-year-old. Did you have any bright ideas that carried through into your adulthood? Probably not, so you may be surprised to learn that Subway founder Fred DeLuca was just 17 when he started his sandwich shop with $1,000 loan from a family friend. (Source)

  • Taco Bell Recalled Their Corn Shells For an Odd Reason
person holding a yellow corn
Photo by FRANK MERIÑO on Pexels.com

Lawsuits over the labeling of meat are not the only times Taco Bell has had to show up in court. In 2000, they had to recall their corn shells because they contained non-approved GMO corn. (Source)

  • Chick-fil-A Buys the Most Sunkist Lemons
three yellow citrus
Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

The restaurant’s lemonade is so popular that the chain squeezed more than 200 million lemons in 2013 alone. You know the saying: When life gives you more than 200 million lemons, make a lot of lemonade to wash down fried-chicken sandwiches.

  • Subway Can Be Found on the Fashion Runway
fit smiling sportswoman waiting at gym reception desk
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Did you know Subway doesn’t only make sandwiches, but also designer clothing? The sandwich giant entered the fashion industry in 2013 with “Project Subway,” a competition for designers to create clothing inspired by the Subway brand. (Source)

  • This Preservative is Linked to Pancreatic Cancer
burger and bacon sandwich
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels.com

While the healthy appearance of fast food meat may leave us thinking it’s safe to eat, it turns out one ingredient found in McDonald’s bacon, sodium nitrate, that keeps meat looking fresh is actually linked to pancreatic cancer. (Source)

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Bacon and Kimchi Deviled Eggs

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