Did you know: Fast Food Facts Part 13

Hi all, let’s start today’s Fast Food Facts.

As you know that we have started our new Did you know series, for Fast Food Facts. If you are not aware of the previous fact, check the following:-

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Did you know that how Wendy’s restaurent started? No worries we will tell you in today’s facts. So let’s start today’s fast food facts in brief.

  • Wendy’s Founder Has An Important Cause: Adoption
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Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s, is more than a fast food kingpin. He started the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption in 1992 because of his own experience as an adopted child born from a one night stand in Atlantic City. (Source)

  • Dave Thomas and Colonel Sanders Used to Work Together
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Dave Thomas worked for KFC for years and was close with Colonel Sanders. In 1967, he invented the now famous revolving sign. When he sold his KFC franchises he used the money to start Wendy’s. (Source)

  • Wendy’s Founder Inspires Kids To Stay in School
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Photo by Pragyan Bezbaruah on Pexels.com

Dave Thomas went back to school to get his GED after meeting high school kids who questioned staying in school because they saw how successful he was without the degree. He even attended the high school prom with his wife at the age of 61. (Source)

  • Taco Bell is American Food in Mexico
Taco bell
Anthony92931 / CC BY-SA

“Taco Bell is something else” is the oddly vague slogan the fast food giant used to open new restaurants in Mexico, where they label their signature fare “American food.” (Source)

  • The Not-So-Secret Quesarito
Image Courtesy: Chipotle Facebook

Chipotle’s “secret” menu item, the quesarito (a burrito wrapped in a quesadilla) isn’t a secret at all, but the invention of one creative customer who saw both items on the menu and decided to request this combo. (Source)

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