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As you know that we have started our new Did you know series, for Food Facts. Did you know that Avocados are fruit? Avocados are classified as a berry with a large seed? No worries we will tell you in today’s facts. So let’s start today’s fast food facts in brief.

Caesar salad originated from a Mexican city

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Caesar Salad

Bet you didn’t know this. We sure didn’t! The Caesar salad started in a Mexican city called Tijuana. Restaurateur Chef Caesar Cardini was hosting a 4th of July celebration. He ran out of food, and simply threw the ingredients he had lying around the kitchen into a unique salad. Obviously, it was a huge success.

Another weird and fun fact we bet you didn’t know, but the Caesar dressing is actually supposed to be a vinaigrette. It is made by combining minced garlic and anchovies into a bowl, which is than mixed with raw egg. Olive oil is progressively added to the mixture and the remaining ingredients (lime juice, salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, and Dijon mustard) are added in. The resulting hue of the dressing should be yellow, not the fake white version you commonly find in supermarkets.(Source)

Avocados are fruit

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Avocados are classified as a berry with a large seed. Avocados must be picked when matured in order to ripen, which can take between 1-2 weeks. In Spain and Mexico, avocados are called “alligator pears” due to their shape and bumpy, green skin, while in India and China, they are referred to as “butter pears”. This healthy food is good for you too! They’re a great source of vitamin C, E, K, and B-6. (Source)

Hot dogs

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It’s not clear where the hot dog originated from. Some say it was invented in the Austrian city of Vienna by two Austro-Hungarian immigrants who took the recipe with them when they left for Chicago. Others say that it originated from Frankfurt, Germany, while another state that a butcher from Coburg, Germany, invented the hot dog in the late 1600s.

In any case, Americans eat approximately 20 million hot dogs a year, especially during baseball games. About 18.5 million hot dogs were consumed during the 2015 Major League Baseball season! (Source)


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Drinking enough water every day can help you lose weight, helps reduce heart disease and cancer and helps flush toxins out of your body. Keeping your body hydrated can also help reduce cavities and tooth decay. At work, ensure you drink enough water as it will help you stay focused and concentrate on mental tasks. (Source)

Peanut butter is good for you

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Studies have shown that eating peanut butter can help lower cholesterol, aid in weight loss and prevent type 2 diabetes. Did you know that peanut butter glows in the dark after it’s exposed to intense light!

You can make diamond from peanut butter, How, you ask? Well, simply put, you must recreate the conditions of the lower mantle or Earth for weeks to create a 2-3mm wide diamond. So that’s only about 2,2000 degrees Celsius… On second thought, it may not be a great new business venture, but it’s still an interesting fact. (Source)

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