Did you know: Strange Food Laws Part 2

Hi all, let’s start today’s Food Facts.

We have started our new Did you know series, for Strange Food Laws. Did you know serving beer to elephants to eating peanuts in church, we’ve rounded up the weirdest, wackiest food laws? No worries we will tell you today’s facts. Let’s start today with the strange food laws part 2😀

  • Colorado
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If you’re yearning to wake up to the crow of a rooster, don’t settle down in Louisville, Colorado. In this Boulder County town, it’s illegal to own these loudmouthed fouls. But don’t ruffle your feathers just yet, because the city does allow residents to own as many as three turkeys. 

  • Connecticut
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In Connecticut, they say a pickle isn’t a pickle unless it can bounce. One thought is that this keeps vendors from selling expired or subpar pickles. Is the idea equal parts kooky and clever? Definitely. Is it an actual law, or does it remain unwritten? Well, that question leaves us in a pickle. 

  • Delaware
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Grab a checkered blanket and an adorable picnic basket, and then take a few big steps away from the road in Fenwick Island, Delaware, where it’s illegal to have a picnic on the highway! That this law exists makes us wonder whether early Delawareans were ahead of the curve when it comes to street food.

  • Florida
Amazing facts about Orange fruit
Amazing facts about Orange fruit

In Miami Beach, it’s against the law to sell any food—even the state’s celebrated citrus—from open-air stands. Orange you glad you can still buy fresh fruit at the neighborhood (indoor) market?

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  • Georgia
Crunchy Baked Chicken
Crunchy Baked Chicken

In Gainesville, Georgia, also known as the Poultry Capital of the World, chicken must be eaten with the hands instead of a fork and knife. This law was intended to be a prank, but at one point the local police department jokingly created an ordinance to make it official. Like chicken? try our some handpicked recipes of chicken only for you, Click here to see

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