Did you know: Strange Food Laws Part 4

Hi all, let’s start today’s Food Facts.

We have started our new Did you know series, for Strange Food Laws. Did you know serving beer to elephants to eating peanuts in church, we’ve rounded up the weirdest, wackiest food laws? No worries we will tell you today’s facts. Let’s start today with the strange food laws part 4😀

  • Kansas
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In Derby, Kansas, it’s illegal to hit a vending machine.

  • Kentucky
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Remember that weird ice-cream-cone-in-a-back-pocket law listed for Alabama above? It’s a law in Kentucky and Georgia, too. If not remind yet please follow the link Strange Food Laws Part1

  • Louisiana
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In Louisiana, you can’t order goods and services to be delivered to a person without their consent. That means no prank pizzas!

  • Maine
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Maine is serious about their clam chowder—so serious that a law prohibiting the use of tomatoes in clam chowder was at one point given serious consideration. 

  • Maryland
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Speaking of seafood, you’d better be careful what you do with those extra shells. While the state of Maryland encourages the recycling of oyster shells, there are a few things you can’t do with them. For one, you can’t feed them to chickens—and you’re also not allowed to use them as road construction materials. 

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This weird food laws taken from Tasteofhome.com

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